Eating Traditional

In my last post I talked about the Icelandic hot dog but in this post I wanted to touch on a couple more adventurous traditional Icelandic eats.

For starters there is the fermented shark, called Hákarl, which I didn’t actually try…(it’s supposed to taste terrible) but my friend tried it and confirmed the less-than-appetizing-taste. The shark is fermented, or buried, and then hung out to dry for four to five months and it smells strongly of ammonia.


Personally, I took a liking to the “meat soup.” Usually made with lamb, onions, carrots, celery, and other vegetables in a savory, slightly salty broth. Below is a picture of the soup from Cafe Babalú in Reykjavík. It’s not that adventurous, but it’s certainly worth traveling to Iceland to try!


For my final dinner in the country I was able to try a few more delicacies: fin whale and puffin.

The puffin was served grilled over pickled red onion, skyrr (Icelandic yogurt), blueberries and herbs. It looked like little strips of steak, with a deep red center. It tasted slightly fishy, but still very gamey. Overall, I enjoyed it!

(Now before I go into the next one, if you’re against people eating whale, just stop now).

The fin whale truly won my heart. It was prepared with garlic mashed potatoes and a small salad but it was essentially an incredibly tender steak. The fact that whales are mammals is important to how they taste. The “cow of the ocean” we all decided – it was not even the slightest bit fishy. I definitely recommend it.


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  1. tmdoherty2 says:

    I have been dying to make it to Iceland! I’ll be sure to check back here to figure what I should and shouldn’t try when I’m there!


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