Haley.Henry Wine Bar

I am always interested in a good wine bar. Always.

When I first moved to Boston in August, my boyfriend and I did our own sort of “wine bar crawl” through the city. I tried a few great places, a few overrated places, and one that stuck with me: haley.henry wine bar.

It’s just a small spot on Province Street, but for me it’s convenient and never disappoints.

While their specialty is tinned fish, and that’s not my thing, they have plenty more to choose from: charcuterie and cheese boards, hasselback potatoes, grilled cheese and other panini’s, and the list goes on.


One of the best parts for every wine lover? If you commit to two glasses they’ll open any bottle you want for a half bottle price, or if something is open that you want, they’ll charge you just the glass price. So you can get some top notch wine for much, much cheaper. Yes please.

Seriously, if you like wine, tinned fish, potatoes, a great ambience, or even just one of these things give this place a try! I bring everyone here, and so far no one complains.



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  1. Samantha Chaves says:

    Good to know about the half price bottle deal. Thanks for sharing!

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