I’ve been to an Eataly once before, and for an Italian girl it’s better than a candy store!

The Boston Eataly store opened in Prudential Center in November 2016. I went for the first time on Saturday afternoon and I was overwhelmed, in the best way.

There are many counters and aisles of Italian food. You can buy authentic and imported meats, cheeses, wines, and other specials, as well as homemade pastas, breads, desserts, and more. It was a crowded day but my friends and I were lucky to get a table in the main floor at the La Piazza restaurant.

A few glasses of Rose, a shared cheese board, and a prosciutto and asparagus appetizer and we felt like we were in the heart of Italy. It really is an Italian cultural experience in the heart of an American city.


Everyone should give it a try if you haven’t yet!





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  1. Heather says:

    I’m definitely sad I haven’t made it here yet since its opening, after reading your post I want to plan to go this weekend! That restaurant seems amazing, from not only the food and drinks but atmosphere as well.


  2. Abbey Treamer says:

    I’ve wanted to go to Eataly for so long now! Your post made me want to go even more, hopefully I can make it there soon.


  3. I want to go so bad but its always so packed, definitely on my list!


    1. it is always so crowded – but delicious!


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