The Charcuterie Board

I bet most of you know what this is, but as I learned from my mother, not everyone knows there is a term for that wonderful array of meats, cheeses, jams, dried fruits, mustards…nuts…um, I can keep going…

It’s one of my favorite things to enjoy at a restaurant when not super hungry: a glass of red with some prosciutto, spicy mustard and a sharp cheese. Honestly though, it can get pretty pricy – usually picking at about 3-5 dollars per meat an cheese, this spread adds up.

Why not make these at home? I take to the internet (especially Pinterest) to learn how to make the best Charcuterie board whenever I have people coming over. Everyone is so impressed, and really I just threw everyone on a board….win, win, am I right?

Check out these links if you’re interested:

Anyone have any fun or creative additions to their spread?


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  1. mrchuehyi says:

    The first link is really cool.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks so much! I thought so too 🙂


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