How I Treat My Boston “Boyfriend”

So as a newbie to Boston I’m lucky enough that one of my best friends from college lives here too. Best part? She and I have very similar palates 🙂 so usually when we hang out we cook together (or just eat a lot of cheese and cured meats…) and drink some wine.

I was lucky enough to get a free Blue Apron week from a friend and I had one meal left. The trade? I’ll do the cooking if you bring the wine (which was really cheating here because I got the meal for free…and I love to cook and host people – so it was a win win). When she arrived, I had already started cooking and prepping and of course I had a small charcuterie board ready for her when she got to my house. Hence why she’s my Boston “Boyfriend” – whom my real boyfriend was pretty jealous of this night.


I followed this recipe for seared chicken and creamy cous cous from Blue Apron to a ‘t’ and it was DELCIOUS. I’m not really a fan of celery but in that creamy, slightly spicy sauce it was like a whole new vegetable for me. It brought some crunch to the spicy cous cous that I just didn’t expect to enjoy because…celery is only good with peanut butter and raisins, right? Wrong (I guess).


The biggest thing I learned from the recipe, though, was to keep it simple. I really like to play around with ingredients and marinate my chicken in cool spices and flavors, but this recipe just called for salt and pepper. Adding it on top of the cous cous and the olive/golden raisin sauce was all the flavor it needed!


Anyone else have a good experience with Blue Apron?


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