Texas Dinin’ and Drankin’ (Part 3)

So in Austin I ate BBQ, which I discussed in my last Texas post, but I also drank some great cocktails and ate some truly farm-to-table meals (because I was literally on a farm…).

We hit the town hard on Saturday night – First on Rainey Street we visited Lucille’s Patio Lounge. As the website describes, this bar takes you back in time when you enter – the colors and the set up are straight out of a Mad Men 1950’s era. Heading into the “patio lounge” there is so much seating and gorgeous tree lights.


I decided pretty quickly that Rainey street fulfilled my every want in a place to go out, but being in Austin and being a tourist we HAD to go to 6th Street. WOW. We began at a place called The Library Bar, which had some fun shooters (…and we were soaking up each other awesomeness ;)…) but we weren’t there too long.

Honestly one of my favorite parts of the night was walking down 6th Street and seeing just ALL OF THE PEOPLE. When we passed their Coyote Ugly, I said “Well I’d dance on the bar in there” and the bouncer replied “I dare you!” Well, sir, you don’t have to dare me…I just said I would. Which is what I responded (however, we did not go in there…sigh).


We headed to Maggie Mays – which was just a great place to dance outside. I would definitely go back there.

Our last stop of the night was Garage (can you see my pattern with speakeasys?) The vibe was exactly what you want post-midnight and some amazing cocktails. I had a twist on a traditional manhattan and believe me, this place delivered.

Photo Cred Sarah Check: https://www.instagram.com/sarahverse/

The next morning all we all wanted was BRUNCH! We headed out to Eden East Farm, which I could not speak more highly of. We sat outside under a tent, order coffees and orange juice (brought our own champagne, seen in featured picture) and went to town. This place is a farm with over a dozen kind of tomatoes, carrots, onions, herbs, chickens, ducks and more.

The menu options that day featured a pork belly taco, a duck tostada, and a Gyro to DIE FOR.


Seriously, I would order this again with no hesitation.

Our final stop in this grand city? Oasis Texas Brewing Company. It’s on Lake Travis, and honestly you feel like you’ve been transported to somewhere tropical. Good beer, good bar snacks (poutine fries, can you say HELLO?).

Photo credit – Sarah Chek: https://www.instagram.com/sarahverse/

Moral of the story – Go to Austin. I can’t wait to get back – I know my 24 hour trip didn’t allow me to hit all the spots, any more suggestions?!?


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