Healing Powers of Pho and Ramen

Alright, I promise I’m not late in the game. I, as have many of you, have known about the healing powers that both authentic Vietnamese Pho and Japanese Ramen have on the human body. Whether you’re super hungover, down in the dumps, have a little (or a huuuuge) case of the sniffles, or if every part of your body hurts from running in a half marathon.

That last one? Yea that’s me. Last weekend I participated in the San Diego 20 Year Edition RocknRoll Half marathon, Wooo! But this isn’t a fitness blog, SO, what I want to talk about is how I made my body feel better afterwards 🙂

Ramen, Ramen, Ramen, and then when I returned home, Pho, Pho, Pho. The big bowls of hot soups and spices REALLY cured my insides and ya know? It helped my outsides a little too.

We went to Raki Raki Ramen in San Diego and I go the Black Edition Ramen with Chicken…YUM.

Oh did I mention? they have something called a Kirin Frozen Beer – check it out!

Anyone else have a go-to spot for these two dishes?


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